Wednesday, September 15, 2010

So Knows The Silent Clap

I have slept
in many dark corners
avoiding the wind and the thousand eyes
I have walked away
to where I see clearly, though solitary.

it is the lying stutter of voices
the panic'd holler
that pushes me out

this is where my quiet sings
there is where I'm free
flame-kissed by true liberty
and I do this invisibly

never mind how long since
cool soft cheeks of layering snow
have melted angry cinnamon-steam vapors
off of my body;

or how long since the improvised melodies of another mind
have been sung with heavy breath
or palpable desire in my rooms;

you can fuck that noise.

for I have seen the many burning stars,
and I am made of their dead.

I have held the oceans in my mind
and gazed with wild wonder at what lives there.

I have tasted the scented sand of passing days
and percieved change without judgement.

I have, alone, sung the songs of all things
and danced to the echoes sung back.

Invisibility can have this body,
what I see here enraptures me.

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