Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Day Made New

I feel the flush of desire
run red to my face
pupils relax & dilate, palms sweat.
Claustrophobic in my awkwardness
racing thoughts for conversation & 
can't or won't join in with 
cheap shots & drunk excuses.
I'm in for risk-taking n' chances,
I know you've got a man but
I don't think he dances. 
See, here I am stuck waiting
for girls my age to grow up;
I just want somebody 
I can talk to
for certain words fail me,
here I am standing & reading,
miles away from the point
around which my city
still revolves,
for with nightfall I dissolve
& spread into the dark that
holds the lake under
it's palm. The mist in the morning
re-births me, and I walk to 
work reassembled.

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